Our Grilling Classes

Gas Grilling Basics: An overview of grilling techniques for your modern gas grills. Including all the basics for backyard daily cooking. We will cover grilling steak, fish, veggies, various appetizers and even some desserts. Maintenance and cleaning will also be covered. Call today to inquire about classes

Green Egg Walkthrough: An introduction to the Big Green Egg style of cooking. This course offers a journey into the culinary world of the Green Egg. From lighting, maintaining temperature, to cleaning and numerous cooking styles this class will get you jump started with your Kamado style cooker. Featured items will be steak, salmon, asparagus and pizza. Call today to inquire about classes

Texas BBQ 101: A guide to smoking meats on a traditional smoker. Classes will cover sourcing meats, wood, smokers and of course smoking techniques. This course will also cover types of pits and equipment options for creating true Texas BBQ. Call today to inquire about classes

Grilling with Friends: Our most popular class by far.  Get you and three of your friends together (Up to 15) and we will design the class around your style of cooking and grill preferences.  We will also do it to fit your schedule and time frame.  Call or Email to design your class today.